C O R N W A L L A I D C E N T R E  
The Missions Department has now expanded becoming Cornwall Aid Centre and has moved into large premises in Pool Redruth continuing to engage and influence many lives in the local community through the many projects taking place.  

Care is at the heart of Emmanuel Full Gospel International both at home (UK) and abroad. EFGI has worked tirelessly locally to bring aid, training, comfort and care and sent aid to over 25 nations including Iceland, Russia, Poland, Romania, Albania, Israel, Phillipines etc. . As you explore EFGI you will understand that as we are working together in partnership with various agencies, helping those that are in need, we have been able to engage and influence many lives.

The Missions Department has run a warehouse for over 25 years and has delivered and distributed aid to thousands in need.

Thank you for your continued help and support. Much appreciated.

Kind regards


Thousands of items of clothing have been donated into the community.

This is sorted, cleaned, sewn and neatly presented to many in the community locally, nationally and worldwide.

The Cornwall Aid Centre will now be able to expand its distribution of clothes/shoes in order to help and bless many more people and families.

EFGI has successfully run a food bank (now ‘Food 4 Life”)for 16 years with many thousands of food boxes and packages donated to those in need both in the local community and also orphanages abroad in Romania and Albania. ‘Food 4 Life’ is known as ‘the one that will go anywhere to meet the need’ by local agencies eg. Social Services, Volunteer bureau and Councils etc. Food 4 Life is used extensively by the local community and each bag/box is packed by volunteers who give their time sacrificially to meet the needs.

If you would like to donate food please contact our office

Many people are ‘housebound’ in residential/care homes and this ministry has grown tremendously over the years. Established to meet the need of those not able to leave their home environment – wool, patterns, needles etc. were donated to all those who would like to knit/crochet items. This ministry took off with so many items being made and donated it surpassed the expectations of EFGI. Many OAP’s look forward to their visits and many lives have been changed because of the message of Jesus Christ continuing to be shared through Stitch in Time. If you would like to take part in this project please contact E.F.G.I.


WANTED – KNITTED/CROCHETED ITEMS: thousands of items needed for people in need. Also knit for the Armed Forces – for more information please contact our office.

Thousands of shoeboxes have been sent to adults and children in need at Christmas. These are prepared throughout the year and asiItems are always required we are able to store these safely, making sure each person has a box prepared for them personally. These boxes are prepared with items that will fit into a shoe box eg. Soap, flannel, toothbrush, stationery, small toy, tools, shaving foam etc.

It is also possible to drop off your completed shoebox to EFGI throughout the year which will then be sent at Christmas. People have donated items for these shoeboxes from many walks of life including soldiers going to Afghanistan who wanted ‘children to have something personal from them’ although they were not going to be home for Christmas. You can donate items throughout the year – please contact EFGI

Please pray – we have an urgent need of thousands of school books throughout 2012

Emmanuel Full Gospel International donates thousands of books to schools all over Cornwall. Many letters of thanks have been received from Head Teachers of these schools, including Catholic schools who are delighted that these books have been donated. These books are bought in large quantities by the pallet load by EFGI and every single child in these schools receives a book that makes a great impression upon them.

  • A lady in a local bank speaking to the person paying money into their account stated ‘the books your church gave my two children are incredible – they come home from school and want to read and colour all the time’ (this was a large thick bible stories colouring book)
  • A school secretary stated ‘we never have books for each child donated, this is amazing’
  • Parents visiting LifeChangers charity shop state how their children ‘love the books you have just donated’
  • Schools and Playgroups have requested books on a regular basis

There is such a need for Christian books right across Cornwall in schools that EFGI is committed to meeting this need and if you would like to donate to this ministry please contact EFGI


A Few examples:


  • Pieces of furniture donated to people in need in the community
  • Meals prepared and given to people in the community
  • Used dolls – clothes made and each doll redressed for young girls without a toy
  • Recycling items for use to help with furniture required
  • Medical aid donated from various institutions – this has been sent to various nations saving the lives of many precious adults and children
  • Water filters for Guatamala
  • Food parcels to Romanian and Albanian orphanages
  • A Russian ships’ owner donated a large hold full of coats, clothes and shoes on the understanding that we would collect. Members of the congregation, including the Pastor collected the aid (with many trips in a dingy) from a container ship in Falmouth. This aid was brought to shore and then packed and sent to Romania where it was gratefully received
  • Bikes for missionaries in India
  • Clothes sent to Russian Jews as they are re-established in Israel
  • Items of bedding, sleeping bags etc and equipment to people living on the streets of the UK