Exciting Times Ahead


People around the world know Pastors Alan and Lorraine Carlin as Ministers of the Gospel and Bible teachers with a prophetic anointing. They have seen Emmanuel Full Gospel International grow incredibly with many lives touched by the power of Almighty God. Young and old alike enjoy the thrilling ways in which Pastor Alan Carlin shares the wonderful Bible truths and as they both minister across Europe God has worked with them both bringing many mighty signs and wonders.


This will be another thrilling and exciting year and we wait, with anticipation, to see what God will do once again. With many visits planned across Europe, Pastors Alan and Lorraine Carlin ask for you to pray that God will touch many thousands of lives by his mighty power as the Word of God is proclaimed.



Emmanuel Full Gospel International’s congregation has grown incredibly with not enough room to accommodate everyone. This has been an exciting and thrilling year where Pastors Alan and Lorraine Carlin have seen phenomenal growth. God has moved on many lives bringing hope and life to many varied situations. Pastor Alan Carlin has taught with a strong anointing sharing the imminent return of Jesus Christ. Many souls have been saved, baptised in water and also in the Holy Ghost and became disciples of Jesus Christ. Many communities, families, individuals and groups have been blessed by the continual and constant love and care shown by the congregation.


PRAYER is of the utmost importance and the congregation is a praying fellowship. This will continue throughout 2012 where we will see many mighty miracles take place in the United Kingdom, Europe and around the world.


There is only one hope for our nation and across the world and that is the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.


Born Out Of God


Emmanuel Full Gospel International (E.F.G.I.) was born out of a God given desire to Founders/Pastors, Alan and Lorraine Carlin to see the gospel spread throughout the world. E.F.G.I. is an evangelical, Pentecostal, purpose driven church that empowers and inspires people through contemporary praise and worship and motivated preaching with signs and wonders following. Pastor Alan Carlin believes that church should be, “as in the Acts of the Apostles”.


Through a common vision and desire to see men, women and children touched by the power of Almighty God, Emmanuel Full Gospel International: “Equips, Empowers and Encourages” people all over the world to realise and achieve their destiny in Jesus Christ.


Growing and Vibrant


E.F.G.I. is growing and vibrant with age range from 1 – 102 and where the Word of God is paramount, great emphasis being placed on knowing and learning what the Word of God is saying and its relevance to us today. Pastor Alan Carlin graphically teaches how to utilise this knowledge and be effective spirit filled Christians.


E.F.G.I. join with others around the world who have embraced the great commission of Jesus Christ to “go into all the world and preach the gospel” and we know that at Emmanuel Full Gospel International, whether you want to come and rest in God’s presence or help to reach the nations . . .


There is a place for you.