God has a lighthouse that overlooks life’s sea. Some these days, are lobbying to tear it down, especially the so called politically correct. They argue that the “big ships” of life’s important issues ‘don’t sail that way anymore’ and so it only serves to cause an offence and its position could be better occupied with other more important, useful and popular services.

Then my mind goes back to a ‘stormy night, when just in time’ I observed it’s beams piercing through the darkness and I ask myself the question, “if it hadn’t been for that lighthouse where would my ship be today?”

I speak for many when I say, as the songwriter puts it, “I thank God for the lighthouse” and “that we owe our life to Him, because you see Jesus is God’s lighthouse and He is still saving lives from the rocks of sin.” Jesus said “I am the light of the world”.

Unlike certain previous generations, we often obscure God’s Lighthouse from our children’s view and wonder why they are breaking up on the rocks of crime and vice at an ever alarming rate. This lighthouse was not erected by the hands of men but by Almighty God Himself two thousand years ago, not to be hid, but to serve as a guiding light enabelling us to navigate through life’s journey.

God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus who, on our behalf, took the punishment for our sin on the cross at Calvary preventing us from perishing in order that we may also receive everlasting life.

So many around the world today can truly say that if it hadn’t been for that ‘old lighthouse’ their ship, would no longer be sailing life’s ocean today!

Thank God for the lighthouse shining as bright as ever.

Pastor AG Carlin

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