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Aug 01


There are three basic types of traffic signs, each type has a different shape. Circles give orders. Triangles warn. Rectangles guide/inform.

It is possible to categorise the Bible in the same way. Circles for God’s commandments, triangles relating to eternity and rectangles to → Read more

It’s not the Bible that contradicts itself but people’s interpretation of it that does. There is no observable evidence, of any kind, that will contradict the Bible, only people’s interpretations of it.

From 1Peter 1:20-21 we understand that every written communication to us in Scripture came from God and did not come → Read more


Jul 30


The Year is well and truly under way, and has probably now reached the point where those well thought out and planned “new year resolutions” have slipped out of sight while we weren’t looking.

‘Should we have been paying attention?’ Well yes, but what can we do when other seemingly more important matters → Read more

God has a lighthouse that overlooks life’s sea. Some these days, are lobbying to tear it down, especially the so called politically correct. They argue that the “big ships” of life’s important issues ‘don’t sail that way anymore’ and so it only serves to cause an offence and its position could be → Read more

If a letter was posted using a second class stamp do you think it would reach its UK destination? I hear you say “yes it should do”. But hold on, what I didn’t tell you, was where it was posted. That would make all the difference.

Recently on my way to the Post Office I spotted a → Read more