It’s not the Bible that contradicts itself but people’s interpretation of it that does. There is no observable evidence, of any kind, that will contradict the Bible, only people’s interpretations of it.

From 1Peter 1:20-21 we understand that every written communication to us in Scripture came from God and did not come about by the writers own interpretation of the things that he wrote. We are informed that this discourse emanated from God’s divine inspiration in order to declare His purposes,and did not come in Bible times by the will, impulse, or inclination of some man: but by holy men of God who spoke, as they were moved upon by the Holy Spirit.

It was recognised in the research and development of communications (telephones, tvs, satelitte etc) that the apparatus receiving transmission must operate according to the same scientific principles as the equipment sending the message. Only recently all our televisions for example, had to be replaced or converted from analogue to digital in order to receive all future broadcasts.

So here we have the basic principle. If the word of God was not penned according to a persons interpretation of the events around them, we then, must not interpret any scripture according to the events going on around us. This is why the Bible is as relevant and accurate for us today as it was to those who God inspired to first write it.

Nowhere in the Bible, are we as ministers, commissioned to interpret the Bible. We are commanded to preach and teach it literally and in context with the subject matter.

Personal interpretations and theories allow us to make the Bible mean anything we want it to giving us license to live any way we want to live.

Past governments have tried, for safety reasons, to make warning signs as unambiguous as they possibly can so that they are not open to interpretation. If we applied the same approach to road signs for example, as some do in the pulpit to the Word of God, we would have chaos on our roads. One essential factor for road safety is for all of us to have the same understanding of the Highway Code which, like the Bible, says what it means.

You only need to interpret the Scriptures if you refuse to take them literally.


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