If a letter was posted using a second class stamp do you think it would reach its UK destination? I hear you say “yes it should do”. But hold on, what I didn’t tell you, was where it was posted. That would make all the difference.

Recently on my way to the Post Office I spotted a rather elaborate, substantial and very official looking litter bin similar to that of a post box. If I informed you that this was where the letter was posted I am confident your answer would be completely different. What if a first class stamp was used instead or even recorded delivery purchased? I believe your answer would still be a resounding “No, that’s impossible”! Even if the letter was sent with the very best of intentions, I am sure your reply would express how extremely foolish to even suggest such a ridiculous notion due to there being only one provision provided to ensure a letter reaches its required address.

It is absolutely no different with our eternal destiny. Many have posted their souls into a religion or belief of some kind and hoped that because they have paid, what they consider to be the correct “postage” in good works, kindness, generous giving etc. that their spirit will reach it’s desired destination. The fact is that an envelope must be mailed in the correct and appropriate place and likewise it is imperative we do the same with our souls.

Thankfully, God was so lovingly concerned about us, He made salvation simple. By ‘posting’ our life into Jesus Christ and not confusing this with works, traditions, and ceremonies we can be assured of our eternal security. As the Easter message has recently reminded us, by simply accepting Christ as our Saviour and Redeemer, our soul goes in a “pre paid” envelope marked “Heaven” as the price is far more than anyone but Jesus alone could afford and will travel by “Special Delivery”. Jesus took the penalty for our sin on the cross and paid for our forgiveness with His own precious blood. The question is, ‘where have you posted your soul?’

Pastor AG Carlin
12th April, 2012

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